Europe Is Crumbling Into Collapse

The intention was always to make the EU a tide to lift all boats, or even, in the wildest dreams, a boat to lift all tides. That intention has failed in dramatic fashion. But not one single one of the architects and present day leaders is ready to fess up to their failures.

Former Goldman Sachs analyst Charles Nenner warns a major financial collapse is coming in 2018-2020

Charles Nenner, who has claimed to have never been wrong on a market call, appeared on CNBC and warned that deflation and a stock market crash both coming. Nenner, who developed the “Nenner cycle,” which he says can time the ups and downs of any market, said on CNBC that “for the next many years, you will not see the S&P more than 5% higher than [current levels.]” But he warns this period of low returns will be followed years of large losses.

Cyprus-Style Account Seizures Coming To A Bank Near You

It’s bad enough that you don’t make any interest holding your money in a checking or savings account at the bank. But at least it’s safe, right? Not so much, as Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer announced this month that instead of banks receiving bail-out money (from taxpayers) when they experience financial problems, they have now planned for a bail-in (by depositors and investors).