The Death And Decay Of Detroit, As Seen From The Streets

Abandoned House In Detroit

With the stock market hitting record highs day after day, it is easy to move on and forget that one of American’s once premier cities, Detroit, has been bankrupt for nearly a year. But out of mind doesn’t mean out of sight, especially now that Google has launched its street view Time Machine, which provides for 7 years worth of street images, showing the time shift of the tumultuous period period starting in 2007. One blogger who decided to take this time lapse data and apply it to the city of Detroit is GooBing Detroit who, as the following time-lapse photos demonstrate, has captured Detoit’s unprecedented slow-motion collapse into death and decay in what is the closest we have to “real time.”

Perhaps what is most stunning about the following series of photos is not the ultimate fate of the bankrupt city, but how quickly a once vibrant metropolis has succumbed to blight and sheer desperation.

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  1. The only way Detroit will come back is under new management both in the government sector and in the private sector.
    What made Detroit? Well, you had GM.
    What destroyed Detroit? Well you had GM.
    GM is a dinosaur, a dodo, that still doesn’t realize that the ideas behind GM are now causing it to be come extinct.
    In a world with little competition, the ideas behind corporate GM worked. Give the public junk that will last as long as a car loan but no more. Although many a backyard mechanic in the early days kept them running for 10-20 years.
    The day that GM stopped guaranteeing their cars would last 100,000 miles was the day that GM stopped working. That is the ugly truth.
    Some bright people allowed foreigners to compete with GM and they did a great job of it. Some of the original cars coming out of Japan and Korea are still on the road. Can GM say the same thing?
    How about engineering that sucks? Like cars where you have to remove the engine to get to the spark plugs. Or having to put the car on a rack to get to the alternator or the starter . . .
    And that is only one or two engineering goofs over the years.
    Today’s car, thanks to GM and the government is far too complicated for a backyard mechanic to fix. So now we have techs working on cars at 32 dollars or more an hour. Now we have diagnostics that cost 85 dollars at a place that fixes cars.
    To fix the problem you have to fix Detroit and Washington, D.C.
    EPA rules the roost. And cars out of Detroit were the only ones that didn’t pass EPA rules when they had yearly checks to see if the car remained on the road. You had to spend money to get them to comply and they still wouldn’t comply because they were engineered wrong.
    The foreign cars I have had in the past all passed the EPA check fine with nothing done to them.
    Every year, a survey at Consumer Reports, gives customers a chance to grade cars. Not a consumer review, it is actual customers. Every year for the last 20 years, very few American Cars were graded above a D or C minus in their record of repairs. Something is definitely wrong when the engineering stinks that bad.
    Every car I have ever had both domestic and foreign, this report put their finger on just exactly what was likely to go wrong with that car. That includes foreign jobs too. Some of the cars out of Britain had terrible records of repair as well.
    I have a bright idea GM. Start putting quality products out there at a price that people can afford. Right now I owe less on my house than the car payment would be from GM. It used to be I could pay a car off in 3 years. Not any more. It now is more like 6 years.
    I blame government rules for a lot of this. Mandated fancy equipment that no one really wants or needs on a car. It jacks the price up. And that is why Detroit and GM are currently on the dodo list of extinction.
    The only way off that list is going to be to fire all the engineers and start over with people that will design a car right. That means it has to be repairable. It means it has to be cheap enough for the average person to afford with a car payment of less than 3 years. It means get back on track and produce something the American Public is willing to buy.
    Also make it right here in Detroit.

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