‘They Keep Coming’: Illegal Immigrants Are Using Rehearsed Answers At The Border To Gain Entry

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Illegal Immigration - Crossing The Rio Grande

“They have heard that anybody who crosses into the United States can stay,” said a Border Patrol agent who works in the sector and is not authorized to speak on the matter. “So they keep coming.”


And the notion that everyone can stay in the United States once they cross the border seems to be a recurring theme among illegal immigrants coming from Central America – mainly Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. They all know that their family and friends before them received an “order to appear in court” document that allows them safe passage throughout the country.

The illegal immigrants rarely report to court within the 90 days ordered, and most disappear into the fabric of immigrant communities throughout the country without fear of deportation.

In fact, the children and adults respond with very deliberate and rehearsed answers when questioned by Border Patrol.

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  • CallmeAdam

    This doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure they have plenty of written, and broadcasted, materials back at home which have helped coach them once they reach the border.

    Which makes me wonder: Has there ever been serious efforts made to improve the quality of life in Mexico? Wouldn’t it made sense for Mexican legislation to ‘take notes’ on what works in our country, and apply to theirs?

  • Meranda Devan

    I think there is going to be a uprising in this country with anger over this….especially when we experience more job losses.

  • NVN777

    LOL, I love Obama. LOL LOL LOL