Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening — Does That Mean The Poles Are Going To Flip?

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Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from huge blasts of deadly solar radiation, has been weakening over the past six months, according to data collected by a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite array called Swarm.

The biggest weak spots in the magnetic field — which extends 370,000 miles (600,000 kilometers) above the planet’s surface — have sprung up over the Western Hemisphere, while the field has strengthened over areas like the southern Indian Ocean, according to the magnetometers onboard the Swarm satellites — three separate satellites floating in tandem.

The scientists who conducted the study are still unsure why the magnetic field is weakening, but one likely reason is that Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip, said Rune Floberghagen, the ESA’s Swarm mission manager. In fact, the data suggest magnetic north is moving toward Siberia.

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2 thoughts on “Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening — Does That Mean The Poles Are Going To Flip?”

  1. This is a very interesting article.
    The poles have been weakening now since about the time of Christ. That is about 2,000 years.
    Will we see a pole shift in the near future? Odds are no. But it could happen.
    My own theory is that in the past a lot of electrical(magical) equipment depended on the poles for power. How it worked, I am not sure. Tesla was working on using the Earth as a free power source years ago. It never got off the ground. His one attempt blew up a power station in Denver. I think it happened about the time of the Meteor in Siberia. Often it is speculated that he threw 1 million volts into the planet and got back about 1,000 times more. There is speculation that there was no meteor in Siberia. That the explosion was caused by bouncing electricity off the core and that is where it landed.
    There is something weird going on with the poles. I have often thought that the Earth has to have some kind of moon at the South Pole Heavens. But no sign of it has ever been visibile.
    If it were directly over the South Pole it might be mistaken for a star if it was far enough distant.
    But such an object had to have been discovered at some point in time so that theory is probably all wet.
    The reason I thought something like that was most of the land masses on the planet are North of the equator. Most of the ocean water is South of the Equator. Liquid would go to the South more than to the North. It is probably some kind of geology thing that is just coincidence that we have so much liquid at the South Pole as compared with the North Polar area. By that logic, Greenland should be the Antarctica of the North.
    There is a massive amount of land under the ice at the Antarctic region.
    It could be the core is off center and gravity might be slightly different at the South Pole from what it is at the North Pole. That might explain the long term flow of waters to the South. The ice is obviously very heavy.
    Or the North blew up. That is why we have all the land in the North.
    There is a mountain range under water in the Atlantic that stretches almost pole to pole. If that mountain range was above water, it would have a thriving civilization with all the mineral resources and metal available from deep in the planet.
    We have not always been at a 23 degree tilt in our orbit around the Sun. Where did that tilt come from? Magnetic fields interacting with the Lunar Moon might have caused it. If there is a sudden pole shift, it will cause geological changes that will be disasterous for most of the countries on the planet. Weather will shift due to tides and even though the moon has no magnetic field that I know of, it might effect the moon as well. Depends on what the Moon Core looks like.
    Some very old documents claim we rotated around the Sun in 360 days not 365.25 days.
    That would indicate we are gradually expanding the Earth’s orbit outwards from the Sun over many years. The polar shift is supposed to occur over long periods of time in the past. But if it were a sudden change, a whole different ballgame of events might happen.

    • The poles have shifted in the past and they will again.
      We are at a 23 tilt because the moon impacted earth 500,000 million years after earth formed. Two schools of thought on severity of a pole shift. 1. no real impact except recalibration of satellites electronics etc2. Major impact – like the emptying of great lakes down the Mississippi?

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