Office Implants Microchips Under The Skin Of Their Employees


A high-tech office in Sweden is implanting its workers with computer chips under the skin in order for them to access the building, a move which ‘biohackers’ says is preparation for a dystopian future when governments and corporations adopt the same technology.

The Epicenter building in Stockholm, which hosts start-up companies as well as the likes of Google and Microsoft, utilizes microchip technology to allow staff to open doors, interact with smartphones, as well as operate equipment.

BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones volunteered to be microchipped for the story and had a chip injected into his hand.

According to Hannes Sjoblad, chief ‘disruption officer’ at the office development, the chip will also eventually be used to pay for food in the canteen and replace passwords to access computers.

Sjoblad said people should welcome the chip because it would make their lives “easier,” while also warning that one day governments and corporations could mandate that people be microchipped.

“We want to be able to understand this technology before big corporates and big government come to us and say everyone should get chipped — the tax authority chip, the Google or Facebook chip,” he said.

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1 thought on “Office Implants Microchips Under The Skin Of Their Employees”

  1. The problem is how much is enough? When does our personal property in this case our bodies belong to who we work for?
    What kind of security does it provide? How do you justify this personal invasion of our lives?
    Because with this chip you have no privacy. Your entire life is invaded.
    You are basically a slave to whatever business pays you for your work.
    If given a choice most of us would reject this out of hand.
    Some believe this is the mark of the beast and they may be right.
    Those that take the mark? They are lost. But what if the devil mandates that all of us have this chip?
    Then it becomes a matter of put up or shut up and a lot of people will allow it just to survive.
    A whole group of Christians believe it is the mark of the Beast and those will refuse it.
    The question then becomes will the government mandate that we all have such a chip installed in our bodies?
    I would not put it past them.

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