Stupid Questions American Tourists Ask When They Visit Canada


You wouldn’t believe how ignorant Americans are when it comes to the nation of Canada.  The quotes below were recently shared with the Huffington Post, and they are very funny, but they are also very sad because they say a lot about how uninformed Americans actually are these days…

“Where are the igloos?”

“I have a friend in Toronto, do you know Dave Smith? P.S. I live in Vancouver.”

“I’ve actually seen American tourists coming across the border in the summer with skis on the roof of their cars. Apparently there’s some magical line where winter never ends up here.”

“Why, when I insert my American bank card in an ATM machine, does it give me Canadian money?”

“Do you have the 4th of July up here?”

“I was once asked ‘If the snow melts, do you have to get around by canoe?'”

“How come you don’t you say ‘eh after every sentence?”

“While working in Niagara Falls: ‘Where can I exchange Canadian dollars into Niagara Falls currency?'”

“Do you speak Canadian here?”

“So, how do you guys keep your teeth? I’ve heard the cold snaps them off.”

“Do I need a metric compass when I go hiking?”

“Where can I go to see the Queen?”