5 thoughts on “The Amount Of Propaganda In This Very Short Video Is Overwhelming”

    • I thought the gay pride chorus did a good job. Of course, now I’ve not only been earwormed by the jingle, but now I want to be “fabulous”… And I’m a woman. It must be hell for the poor guys out there, especially if it’s being broadcast on TV as a public service announcement multiple times a day.
      It’s enough to make you want to saddle up your unicorn, dramatically toss your favorite feather boa around your neck and flounce off into a rainbow colored sunset.

  1. America didn’t want ACA/ Obamacare, it was shoved down our throats. Billions of Taxpayer dollars are spent on a campaign to shove a Vaccine the majority of us don’t want down our throats. Government apparently doesn’t understand the word no.

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