Trump’s New Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Led Secret Study About a New War with Russia

(By Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple) The fourth general officer to serve in the Trump administration, Council on Foreign Relations member H.R. McMaster has officially been chosen as Trump’s new National Security Adviser. McNaster is best known for military strategy, and he was awarded for his part in the Iraq war with a position as General David Petraeus’ special assistant, rewriting the Army’s counterinsurgency operations doctrine. He’s been referred to as the “21st century Army’s pre-eminent warrior-thinker.”

Some of McMaster’s views differ greatly from President Trump’s.

Most glaringly, his stance on Russia.

While Trump talks about how the US needs to work to foster better relations with Russia, McMaster is on record that Moscow is our adversary. In fact, last spring he was heading up a secret Pentagon study called the Russia New Generation Warfare Study — a high-level government panel which Politico reported was, “intended to ignite a wholesale rethinking—and possibly even a redesign—of the Army in the event it has to confront the Russians in Eastern Europe.”

The study wasn’t just a panel sitting around some board room at the Pentagon, either. It included government participants quietly traveling to war-torn areas in Ukraine. The goal was to “profoundly influence the development of the U.S. Army for the next 15 years.”

Retired Army Chief of Staff General Gordon Sullivan told Politico, “That is all designed to demonstrate that we are in the game.”

The game…

The way McMaster’s appointment is being reported in both mainstream and alternative circles is that if Flynn was a dream for US-Russian relations, then McMaster is a nightmare for US-Russian relations.

On top of that, just like General Kellogg — the head of a super secret CIA surveillance contractor — was added to the Trump Administration at the same time it was being widely reported in both alternative and mainstream outlets that the “deep state” was at war with Trump — you have to wonder who really “chose” McMaster.

Look at this.

This is how Trump was with Flynn when he chose him as National Security Adviser (around 42 seconds):

See the genuine smile? The friendly body language? Trump obviously genuinely likes Flynn.

Now look at Trump at the announcement of McMaster starting at around 1:40:

First of all Trump looks stiff and uncomfortable the whole entire time, with barely any interaction directly with McNaster except for what he has to for posterity. But again, focus on about 1:40 and on. That’s not even a real smile Trump just gave the man… and what a half-hearted “You’re gonna do a great job”.

You’ve got to wonder if Donald Trump is finally clued in to the fact that presidents don’t actually run anything around here.

Certainly seems like the machine is gearing up for war.

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