Why Are So Many Middle-Aged Men Falling Into Adultery?

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Erotic stimuli bombard us from everywhere today. There’s also the elimination of restraints and sexual taboos. Add to this lethal mix the pervasive encouragement to indulge in sexual permissiveness via TV, films, magazines and the Internet.

Ted Roberts is trying to combat the avalanche of pornography flooding our churches with a DVD series advertised with provocative statements like “68 percent of Christian men view pornography” and “50 percent of pastors view porn regularly.” He bases this on a five-year national survey conducted by Pure Desire Ministries entitled “Porn Usage in the Evangelical Church.”

Paul Coelho, one of the most influential writers of our time, just released his latest book called Adultery, dealing with this theme in our society today.

In case you haven’t heard, the latest cultural trend being pushed is something called “Sugar Dating,” where primarily younger women trade sexual companionship for money given by older, wealthy men.

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2 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Middle-Aged Men Falling Into Adultery?”

  1. Hormones, hormones, everywhere there are hormones. Addiction comes in many forms. It is one of Satan’s best weapons ever designed against people. And the people vain enough to think they might be immune? Those are the best candidates for adultry.
    Women also fall. They end up going to bed with a man for all the wrong reasons.
    One of the problems is that men and women start taking each other for granted. They do not provide for their mates sexually in a lot of cases. That means the person is especially vulnerable to outside influences. After a couple has been a couple for 10 or more years, then that is when it statistically is likely to happen. Those people are fighting a battle of hormones as much as anything else.
    That little problem is part of what causes people of both sexes to be vulnerable to an affair. It hits them and they do not even understand why it hit them. Much less what to do about it.
    Some of the most wealthy people in the country have been victims of sexual addition and the real victim is the person they have violated. The other victim is the partner of the person that did this. They often end up ruined financially.
    The numbers of people that fall are amazing. People you would never suspect of something like this happening to them.
    Even in the Bible, in the first chapters of Genesis, there is a description of males falling for the daughters of men and having children by them which was strictly forbidden by the laws of those people.
    The problem dates back to the beginning of time!
    The only solution is simply do not to do it. I am sure that is very hard to do.
    Those hormones are deep inside every one of us. Nature puts other mammals in heat to provide children in the future. I sometimes wonder if with all the intellect of a human being, they also, come into heat.

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