Caught on Camera: Illegals Smuggle Drugs Into Laredo Before Trump Visit

Donald Trump

As Donald Trump prepared to arrive in Laredo for a tour of the US border, Infowars captured astounding footage which shows illegals sneaking across the Rio Grande river before they frantically throw huge bags of drugs into a vehicle and swim back to Mexico.

Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens traveled to Laredo to cover Trump’s highly publicized visit. While recording footage of the Rio Grande river, which forms part of the Mexico–US border, Owens spotted illegals crossing the water in the distance on rafts and began to film.

The clip then shows an individual holding open the trunk of a red Ford Explorer before four illegals frantically run up carrying huge packs of what are almost certainly drugs before quickly throwing them into the vehicle and fleeing back towards Mexico.

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1 thought on “Caught on Camera: Illegals Smuggle Drugs Into Laredo Before Trump Visit”

  1. I actually think Mr. Trump can win this election though I have no idea how.
    I think the powers that be might allow it to happen only because the current bunch of people they own are going to cost them an enormous amount of money come September if Michael is correct.
    The quote “rats leaving a sinking ship” comes to mind.
    The money interests own this country outright. Anyone looking at the local Congress shouldn’t have much problem seeing this.
    I suggest they might put this man in office to see if he can actually straighten out the mess they have made.
    If he actually does make it to the Presidency(which I doubt), it will be a revolution in the congress as well.
    Why do I think he won’t be president? Any half wit publicity manager could put together a logical argument based on the statements he has made in the past that shows he is inconsistent.
    Example(fiction): You are against abortion? Then why did you make these statements two years ago?
    I think he will be a one term president if he does make it.
    He might make it only because we have way too many dishonest politicians in the Congress right now.
    The reaction to these dishonest people may be enough to get him elected.
    If they do get him elected, he still has to contend with these dishonest people for a long time to come.
    If I was him, I would start up a fireside chat with the nation every week explaining what he has come across and what opposition he appears to have to his ideas in the Congress.
    That would put the pressure on these dishonest people rather than him.
    The average memory of the average citizen is said to be three days. After which they forget what has happened.
    That statement alone allows the dishonest people to do what they do and get away with it.
    Only when something directly hurts their wallets do people stay awake to issues past 3 days.
    So come September, we might have just such a circumstance. IF it happens then a lot of people in that Congress might face recall. Not likely. But something like it might occur.
    The entire republican argument in the last Presidential election was we need a business manager in charge to straighten out the federal budget and make things work. Well it didn’t happen. And one reason is they chose someone that couldn’t get elected because of his business dealings laying off a lot of people in the interest of profit. That was a no-no.
    Donald Trump may be dangerous to these same established congress people. I think they should be scared of what he might say next.

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