Drought Shaming In California: Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media

Drought - No Swimming Sign - Photo by Peripitus

Neighbors are tattling on neighbors for wasting water and some are taking their drought shaming to social media.

If you’ve ever had the feeling you’re being watched while you water your lawn, there’s a good chance you are during this historic drought.

In Sacramento, water wasters can face fines, and the enforcer may be someone who lives right next door.

Terrance Davis with the city department of utilities says he’s seeing a trend of drought shaming.

“Our water use complaint calls have gone up exponentially from the last 2 years,” he said.

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4 thoughts on “Drought Shaming In California: Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media”

  1. Most people doing this are cowards. IF you have a complaint you should go to the neighbor first before going to the city.
    There is constitutional law that says you have the right to face any accusers. Most cities do not honor this law so the law itself might be illegal. Your city law director might know of this and is keeping quiet. As an officer of the court, he has an obligation to both parties. Sort of a conflict of interest here. As an officer of the court he must keep the court honest along with the judge.
    IF they honored your right to face your accusers, there would be very few complaints that reach this level.

    • I agree with you. And I think that we will see much more of this type of thing in the years ahead.

      • Yes next will be gun Nazis, followed by food Nazis. Part of the reason I bought some clothes 2 sizes too big. I can appear to have lost a lot of weight, just by wearing those clothes.

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