Obama: ‘I’m a Pretty Good President’ And If I Ran For a Third Term, I Could Win

Obama Giving Speech - Public Domain

President Obama told the African Union Tuesday that he felt he had been a “pretty good” president and if he were allowed to run for a third term, he’d probably be victorious.

Obama made the remarks while criticizing leaders on the continent who wouldn’t step aside at the conclusion of their terms.

“Now, let me be honest with you,” Obama said. “I do not understand this. I am in my second term. It has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serve as the President of the United States. I cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. I love my work. But under our Constitution, I cannot run again.”

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1 thought on “Obama: ‘I’m a Pretty Good President’ And If I Ran For a Third Term, I Could Win”

  1. I think he might even win if that were possible to run. But I have an extremely bad view of the intelligence of the average person out there.
    Not the people that make it their business to know what is going on. I speak of the sheepie.
    Any marketing director anywhere will tell you this is true.
    If I ran a man for Congress with the right name he will get elected regardless of how rotten a person he is.
    I think I would settle on the name “John Counts” and as a new candidate no one would even know who he was. But the subliminal message would be the verb “Counts” and he would get elected if the congressman is not well known and liked. So you pick your district wisely.
    The only reason Obama got elected was his similarity to a known “bad” guy in the world because of 9/11.
    The subliminal was there and is there. It worked.
    That he is a good speaker and that he is half black pulled in an entire community of voters.
    What his policies on things stood for were irrelevant the first time around.
    The second time around the Republicans threw the election. They wanted him where he was to gain a respectable opposition in the Congress and it worked.
    So they ran a POW Veteran the first time against him. The second time around they ran a man who is a really good specialist in bankrupting companies for profit and putting thousands out of work. Sounds like a good candidate to throw an election to me.
    It worked. The Republicans now are in the majority in the Congress.
    Obama is now well known and controversial. He might get elected on name-recognition alone.
    Especially if the Republican Party wants him there.
    Hitler hit it on the head. He said tell enough lies and people will believe it.
    No one wants to deal with what a candidate has actually done to deserve to be re-elected.
    And that is the great weakness of a Republic. Especially one in which the popular vote counts for less than the electorial college vote. And this occurs on the second ballot in which the college does not have to represent the people who voted them in.
    The other factor is that if you are not a Democrat or a Republican, getting on the ballot may be a problem. These two similar parties have ruled the Congress through state voting rules for a very long time.
    It is not uncommon for these lawyers to resort to dirty legal tricks to keep others out of the Congress.
    They do this with financial legal problems for the newbie running for office.
    This way they keep the amateurs out of the running.
    As a lawyer, Michael probably knows many of the tricks these politicians use.
    So yes, Hitler, could get elected in this country under the right conditions.
    As long as his name was not Hitler it could happen.

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