‘Is it OK if I take off my pants?’ – Pleasure activist teaches sex-ed to 13-year-olds at California high school


A California school district has posted online a defense of its use of Planned Parenthood personnel for public school sex-education courses amid new allegations that one of the workers calls herself a “pleasure activist” and another leads demonstrations at a nearby “sex toy porn shop” called Good Vibrations.

The fracas developed a few weeks ago when it was reported that 13- and 14-year-old students at Acalanes High School were given a Planned Parenthood class in which “The Genderbread Person” was used to explain they could choose what sex they wanted to be.

A few of the lessons included students being taught that their gender was not necessarily fixed, a checklist was introduced to show students how to prepare for sex and they were taught to obtain “clear consent” by asking questions such as, “Is it OK if I take off my pants?”

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