Anti-Semitism Has Skyrocketed In Canada

Canada - Photo by Ssolbergj

Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada skyrocketed over the last year and have now hit the highest levels “ever recorded” by human rights groups tracking the number of anti-Jewish episodes, according to a new study.

Canadians across the country reported experiencing more anti-Semitism than in the past four years, with anti-Semitic incidents having risen a total of 28 percent from 2013 to 2014, according to the global Jewish advocacy group B’nai B’rith International (BBI).

This made 2014 the “worst year” for anti-Semitism since advocacy groups began tracking incidents in 1982.

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Israeli attacked by men singing anti-Semitic songs in Berlin

Germany Map - Public Domain

Berlin police are investigating an attack on an Israeli citizen who was beaten by a group of young men after he asked them to stop singing anti-Semitic songs on the subway in the German capital on New Year’s Eve.

Police spokesman Martin Dahms said Monday that police have not yet been able to identify the attackers, but are evaluating video footage of the incident.

The victim, 26-year-old Shahak Shapira, who lives in Berlin, told The Associated Press that after he asked the seven men to stop chanting anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli songs and slurs, he recorded them on his cell phone.

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Man screaming ‘I want to kill the Jew!’ shot by cops after stabbing student at synagogue in New York

Crazy Eyes - Public Domain

A deranged man heard screaming “I want to kill the Jew!” stabbed a 22-year-old Israeli student in the face at the Brooklyn headquarters of the Lubavitcher movement before he was shot dead by police early Tuesday.

Cops repeatedly ordered the man, identified by police sources as 49-year-old Calvin Peters, to put down the nine-inch blade before they opened fire.

Peters initially complied, putting it on a table. But then he picked it up again and charged at the officers before he was shot in the stomach by Officer Robert Pagan, sources said.

“He was going towards the officer,” witness Yechi Hamlech, 19, said. “His eyes were bulging, he must have been on drugs.”

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UC Berkeley students ignore Fox commentator waving ISIS flag but ATTACK him when he waves Israeli flag

Waving ISIS Flag - Video Screenshot

A Fox News commentator set out to test the different reactions students at the University of California Berkeley would have when he waved a flag of the terrorist group ISIS versus when he brandished the flag of Israel.

So how did the liberal campus react? Indifferently, when Ami Horowitz stated his support of ISIS.

But when he declared himself an Israel fan, many students immediately pounced.

‘Israel is a thief in the night, and a thief in the day,’ said one man.

Another man cursed as he walked past: ‘F*** Israel!’

And yet another person confronts Horowitz to say, ‘Tyranny isn’t cute.’

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Teenage vandals swarm Brooklyn deli while yelling anti-Semitic slurs

Brooklyn - Public Domain

A group of teenagers vandalized a Brooklyn deli on Saturday night after leaving a raucous party nearby, said police.

Surveillance footage of the event shows the teens storming the entrance of Gourmet Butcher, a deli in crown heights at just after 9pm.

The young vandals can be seen knocking over shelves in the front of the store and grabbing armfuls of candy as they threw storage on the ground.

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One in six French people say they support ISIS

ISIS Recruitment - YouTube

Two polls released this week both ask a question that you would hope wouldn’t need asking: how many people support the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)? Unfortunately, in all four countries surveyed, the answer is greater than zero, and by a lot.


This is alarming, in part because a growing number of Europeans, often from predominantly Muslim immigrant communities, are not just expressing their support for ISIS in polls: they are traveling to Syria and Iraq to join up. The ISIS fighter who killed American journalist James Foley on video last week spoke with a strong London accent. European governments are rightly worried about the implications of this for their own national security.

But there’s more going on here. It’s no secret that far-right politics have been on the rise in Western Europe, which includes a growing willingness to embrace extremism and greater intolerance of all kinds. It is ironic but by no means impossible that far-right Islamophobia would rise in Europe alongside a greater approval of the Islamist group ISIS. Extremism is often reactive and ideologically contradictory.

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Anti-Jewish slogans return to the streets in Germany as Mideast protests sweep Europe


Before the start of a pro-Palestinian rally — one of the scores being staged almost daily here since Israel launched its offensive in Gaza — an organizer on a bullhorn yelled out the do’s and don’ts as ordered last week by the Berlin police.

No burning the Israeli flag. No shouts of “Death to Israel.” And absolutely no repeating the slogan “Jew, Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone” — a rhyming chant in German that had become increasingly common at pro-Palestinian rallies here before being nipped in the bud by German authorities.

Some demonstrators may have said such things, conceded Leila El Abtah, a 29-year-old protester who is the daughter of a Palestinian father and a German mother. But, she insisted, even thoughtful criticism against Israel is being misinterpreted here as hate speech. “There are more of us speaking out about Israel now,” she said. “Because of what happened during Hitler’s day, it is making Germans nervous.”

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Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’ by classmates in Chicago

Holocaust Photo

DNAinfo Chicago reports Ogden International School of Chicago principal Joshua VanderJagt asked to be reassigned because “challenges” arose after two students – one 14 years old and one 8 years old – suffered repeated threats by classmates.

The challenges surrounded allegations from Ogden parent Lisa Wolf Clemente that her 14-year-old and 8-year-old sons were bullied at both campuses by classmates for their Jewish heritage.

The Gold Coast resident said her teen son was shown photos of ovens and told to get in during lunch periods, intended as a reference to the Holocaust.

At the Streeterville campus, Wolf Clemente said her 8-year-old was invited to join a team called “Jew Incinerator” on the popular game app Clash of Clans. The team was allegedly created by Ogden eighth-graders.

In a screenshot provided by parents, the team description reads: “We are a friendly group of racists with one goal — put all Jews into an army camp until disposed of. Sieg! Heil!”

After the incidents, the bullies were suspended for two days – one in school and one out of school. They were also barred from “eighth grade graduation ceremonies,” according to the news service.

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Violent Pro-Palestinian protesters raid Jewish neighborhood outside Paris

Paris Riot - Photo by Mikael Marguerie

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters descended upon “Little Jerusalem,” the Jewish neighborhood in the suburb of Sarcelles, north of Paris, on Sunday. Rioters threw a Molotov cocktail at a religious institution next to the synagogue, setting alight a Jewish pharmacy and mini-market, burned vehicles, destroyed property and wreaked havoc at the city’s train station while police tried to secure the area.

This neighborhood is home to one of France’s biggest Jewish communities, its members residing in a block of buildings centered around a synagogue and a Jewish school. Outside “Little Jerusalem,” the great majority of the population is of African and North African descent.

The situation here has been tense for more than a decade following several anti-Semitic attacks, so when pro-Palestinian organizations called for a protest at the local train station just days after clashes had erupted outside three Paris synagogues – it seemed obvious that things could get out of hand.

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Anti-Israel protesters stage violent protests across France, defying ban imposed after synagogue clash

Flames - Public Domain

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in French cities on Saturday to condemn violence in Gaza, defying a ban imposed after demonstrators marched on two synagogues in Paris last weekend and clashed with riot police.

A Reuters photographer said demonstrators in northern Paris launched projectiles at riot police, who responded by firing teargas canisters and stun grenades.

Demonstrators also climbed on top of a building and burned an Israeli flag. At least one car was set on fire.

A police spokesman said that 38 demonstrators had been arrested by early evening and that the clashes were dying down.

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