Have U.S. Weather Patterns Changed Permanently? This Week Record High Temps Scorch The Southwest

This week we are going to see “life threatening” heat all across the southwest United States. In southern California, temperatures will top triple digits in many areas on Monday, and the forecast is for the mercury to reach an astounding 121 degrees in Palm Springs. Further inland, it is being projected that Phoenix and Las Vegas could both experience their highest temperatures ever early this week. Summer is just beginning and we are literally seeing things take place that we have never seen happen before. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how the weather seems to be going crazy all over America. Is this just a temporary phenomenon or have weather patterns in the United States changed permanently?

Wildfires And Tornadoes In December? Two More Major Disasters Hit America

It is not normal for the United States to experience massive wildfires and giant tornadoes right around Christmas.  The huge wildfire that erupted northwest of Los Angeles on Christmas Day and the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the Dallas area on Saturday can be added to a growing list of freakish disasters that have hit the United States since the month of September.  So why in the world is this happening?  Many are blaming the worst El Nino pattern that we have seen in at least 15 years.  Right now we are witnessing very strange weather all over the world, including an unprecedented heat wave in Australia and the worst flooding in South America in 50 years.  And it is true that El Ninos have significantly disrupted weather patterns in the past.  But is the current El Nino really to blame for everything that we have been seeing?  Because without a doubt, the last few months have been truly bizarre.

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