Navy Removes All Bibles From Military Hotel Rooms

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The U.S. Navy has instructed housekeepers to remove Gideon-placed Bibles from every hotel room on its military bases after it received a letter from the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“We were told today, June 23, 2014, that due to a new policy by the CEO of NEXCOM, Rear Adm. Robert J. Bianchi, we were to remove the Bibles from the rooms,” a housekeeper told American Family Association in an email. “They told us to put them in boxes, where they would be taken to a donation center somewhere.”

Earlier this summer, NEXCOM (the Navy Exchange Service Command) issued the directive to bases offering hotel accommodations, ordering them to impound Bibles from 34 Navy Lodge locations and 24,000 Navy Gateway Inns & Suites guest rooms on Navy bases worldwide.

The directive orders lodge managers to contact base commanders and chaplains and facilitate removing the Bibles and other “religious material currently in the guest rooms.”

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1 thought on “Navy Removes All Bibles From Military Hotel Rooms”

  1. I invite this aetheist group to put their materials in the room with the Bible. That would be an alternative to kicking the BIble out of rooms.
    I would also invite anyone of any religion to also place their holy book in the room.
    Do you see how silly this whole thing sounds?
    I really do not care if they go to a very hot place or not. But messing with the right of citizens to read anything they want to does concern me.
    I can think of any number of controversial books that might interest people. The Bible is only one of those books. Most Bibles left there are in ancient English called King James Translations. Most of us here do not speak 16-17th century English. Any good educated aetheist knows all about that.
    The original languages of the Bible? Only a very few people are qualified to read the Bible in its original languages.
    Let’s leave a three-fold translation. King James on the left, NIV on the middle, and International on the right.

    Leave the choice of believing to the individuals not some arbitrary authority.
    I wonder if that rear admiral ever was in a combat situation where a bible might have helped to bring him through it spiritually?
    Or did he get his orders from President Obomination? I think it is time we tell this President to go piss up a tree. Maybe the Congress will grow up enough to impeach him. But I doubt it.

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