Cyber-criminals could trigger the next global financial crisis by making a major bank ‘disappear’

Cyber-criminals will trigger the next global financial crisis by making a major bank “disappear”, one of the UK’s leading finance chiefs has claimed. Mark Boleat, head of policy for the City of London, said cyber-criminals would go about “destroying bank records and changing the amounts people have in their accounts”, sending shockwaves through the financial system like a “neutron bomb”. People would find that their savings have been wiped out, their records deleted, and they would come up against “denials of service”, stopping them from accessing funds, Mr Boleat told The Sunday Telegraph.

Cyberattacks: Perpetual state of siege for U.S. companies

The financial industry — indeed, most of the business world — works within a state of almost perpetual cybersiege at a level few consumers grasp. And the costs and dangers are growing for those who seek to protect their assets and their customers. “The constant barrage of attacks is real,” says J.

Cyprus-Style Account Seizures Coming To A Bank Near You

It’s bad enough that you don’t make any interest holding your money in a checking or savings account at the bank. But at least it’s safe, right? Not so much, as Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer announced this month that instead of banks receiving bail-out money (from taxpayers) when they experience financial problems, they have now planned for a bail-in (by depositors and investors).