The Horrible Truth About Bill Clinton, The Lolita Express, And Jeffrey Epstein’s Wild Sex Parties

Are we going to believe pilot logs and firsthand eyewitness testimony, or are we going to believe the desperate ramblings of a former president that would do anything to stay out of prison? After everything that he has gotten away with over the last several decades, Bill Clinton probably thought that he was free to enjoy the remainder of his life without having to worry about any more legal troubles. Unfortunately for Clinton, the eyes of the entire world are back on him now that the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal has blown wide open. Suddenly everyone wants answers from Clinton about the very close friendship that he once had with Epstein, and this forced him to issue a very strongly worded denial

Clinton’s spokesperson, Angel Ureña, told The Associated Press that the former president took four trips on Epstein’s plane between 2002 and 2003, with staff and Secret Service always onboard. He added that Clinton “knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York … He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

Clinton is either incredibly desperate or incredibly stupid, because all of the evidence indicates that he is lying.

Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff has been looking into these matters for 9 years. In fact, she has written an entire book about the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal entitled “TrafficKing”, and she has probably interviewed more people about this case than any other journalist. Previously, Fox News reported that Bill Clinton had taken 26 trips on Epstein’s private plane, but according to Sarnoff the pilot logs clearly show that Bill Clinton was a passenger on that plane 27 different times

“I know from the pilot logs and these are pilot logs that you know were written by different pilots and at different times that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein’s 27 times,” she said, adding that “many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many times he did not.”

As I discussed in part two of this series, Epstein’s private plane was “reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls”, and he would regularly fly his famous friends down to his private island where there would be more group sex with underage girls. Today we refer to Epstein’s private plane as “the Lolita Express”, and it has been established as a fact that Clinton took many trips on that plane without his Secret Service detail.

So why would he lie about that?

In addition, Conchita Sarnoff says that there is a letter which shows that Jeffrey Epstein gave Bill Clinton four million dollars to help fund the Clinton Global Initiative

“First of all, Gerald Lefcourt, who was one of Epstein’s attorneys back during the original arrest and the original investigation, wrote a letter which has been made public … In that letter, Gerald Lefcourt claims that Epstein was one of the original funders of Clinton Global Initiative. He gave President Clinton four million dollars, according to a source who knows a story about that.”

It is undeniable that Clinton and Epstein were very close friends, and for Clinton to try to claim that he didn’t know anything at all about Epstein’s crimes is absolutely laughable.

In addition to the pilot logs, we also have eyewitness testimony that Clinton was on Little St. James Island. Virginia Roberts was one of Epstein’s “sex slaves”, and she says that she specifically saw Clinton on the island

During the trip, she said in the interview, Clinton was there with two of Epstein’s regular girlfriends and “two young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just two girls from New York.”

Clinton stayed in one of the “four or five different villas on the island separate from the main house,” she alleged.

“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind of thing and he laughed it off and said ‘Well, he owes me a favor,’” Roberts alleged. “He never told me what favors they were.”

And although Roberts never slept with Clinton herself, she does claim that she was regular pimped out to many of Epstein’s other famous friends

Epstein pimped out Roberts and other underage girls to his prominent pals — so he could gather information on them to blackmail them later on, Roberts alleged in a new affidavit.

“Epstein required me to describe the sexual events that I had with these men, presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them,” the now 31-year-old wrote. She added: “I also understood that Epstein thought he could get leniency if he was ever caught doing anything illegal, or more so that he could escape trouble altogether.”

Of course Roberts is far from alone. The list of Epstein’s victims just keeps growing, and the feds have already interviewed many of them, and they will interview even more of them very soon. In fact, later on tonight I will post part four of this series on The Most Important News, and I will talk about the fact that the feds are claiming that since Epstein’s arrest “several other women contacted them with complaints about Mr. Epstein”.

And we also know that the feds were able to obtain a “treasure trove” of photographic evidence when they recently raided Epstein’s home in New York.

Ultimately, this case will inevitably take a lot of twists and turns that we aren’t even anticipating right now. But if Bill Clinton gets away this time, it will be perhaps his most miraculous escape from justice ever, and it will be yet another indication that our legal system is broken beyond repair.

Get Prepared NowAbout the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally-syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is the author of four books including Get Prepared Now, The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters. His articles are originally published on The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News. From there, his articles are republished on dozens of other prominent websites. If you would like to republish his articles, please feel free to do so. The more people that see this information the better, and we need to wake more people up while there is still time.

Poll Asks Americans To Name The Greatest President In Their Lifetimes – Barack Obama Wins With 31 Percent

It is exceedingly difficult to be optimistic about the future of our nation when you see poll numbers like this. The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey in which they asked Americans to name the president that has “done the best job in your lifetime”. You would think that Ronald Reagan would be the winner by a very wide margin, but he wasn’t. Instead, Barack Obama was the winner with 31 percent of the vote. Reagan came in second with 21 percent, Bill Clinton was third with 13 percent, and Donald Trump was fourth with just 10 percent. When you add the Obama and Clinton numbers together, you come up with a grand total of 44 percent of all Americans that believe that either Barack Obama or Bill Clinton was the best president during their lifetimes, and that is absolutely frightening. It essentially means that nearly half of the entire U.S. population has gone mad, and with numbers such as those it is very difficult to imagine how we are ever going to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Those that responded to the survey were asked to give their first and second choices to the question, and this is how the final numbers came out for first choice…

Obama: 31 percent
Reagan: 21 percent
Clinton: 13 percent
Trump: 10 percent
Kennedy: 7 percent
Carter: 4 percent
George W. Bush: 3 percent
George H.W. Bush: 3 percent
Eisenhower: 2 percent
Ford: 1 percent
Nixon: 1 percent
Johnson: 1 percent
Truman: 1 percent
Roosevelt: 1 percent

The way that the question was asked is obviously going to depress the numbers of presidents that served many decades ago. For example, I was not born yet when Eisenhower was president, so he would not be an option for me when naming the president that has “done the best job in my lifetime”. If the question had been framed differently, I think that Eisenhower and Kennedy would have done much better.

In particular, I think that Eisenhower doesn’t really get the credit that he deserved. America generally thrived under his leadership, but nobody ever really talks about him too much anymore.

Another thing that really jumps out about these numbers is how poorly both Bushes did.

George H.W. Bush’s presidency was largely considered to be a continuation of the Reagan administration, but he only got 3 percent of the vote. 7 percent did name him as their second choice, and most of those probably named Reagan as their first choice.

George W. Bush served much more recently, and to get only 3 percent of the vote shows how the American people really feel about him at this point. The president that served immediately before him (Bill Clinton) got 13 percent of the vote and the president that served immediately after him (Barack Obama) got 31 percent of the vote. To only receive 3 percent of the vote is an absolutely disastrous showing.

Overall, Democrats have to feel really good about these survey results. If you add the last four Republican presidents together, their grand total of 37 percent of the vote doesn’t even come close to the combined total of the last two Democratic presidents (44 percent).

Needless to say, Democrats overwhelmingly chose Obama or Clinton as their top choices in this poll

A sizable majority of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say Barack Obama (71%) is the best (51%) or second best (20%) president in their lifetimes. About half of Democrats name Clinton (49%). Another 14% of Democrats name Kennedy as one of their top two, 12% name Reagan and 10% mention George W. Bush.

And Republicans overwhelmingly picked Reagan or Trump as their top choices

A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Reagan (57%) ranks in the top two presidents in their lifetimes. Another 40% of Republicans name Trump, while 20% name George W. Bush, 16% name George H.W. Bush and 15% mention Clinton.

Perhaps the most alarming result from this survey was how Millennials voted. Our young adults are the future of this country, and a whopping 62 percent of them picked Barack Obama as their first or second choice…

Millennials (born 1981 to 1996) were the most likely to choose Obama, with 62 percent naming him as their first or second choice. Reagan was the top pick for Generation X (1965 to 1980), baby boomers (1946 to 1964) and the silent generation (1928 to 1945).

Unsurprisingly, party identification was very closely tied to a person’s answer. Obama was the first or second pick of 71 percent of Democrats but only 13 percent of Republicans.

Reagan was the clear favorite among Republicans with 57 percent (12 percent among Democrats). Trump was the second pick for Republicans at 40 percent. Only 3 percent of Democrats named Trump.

This is yet more evidence that we are undergoing a dramatic demographic shift in this nation.

Older Americans tend to vote more than younger Americans do, but older Americans are also slowly but surely dying off.

Unless something fundamentally changes, we aren’t going to have any Ronald Reagans or Donald Trumps in the future. Instead, what we are going to get are more Barack Obamas and Bill Clintons.

In fact, if Michelle Obama wanted to run for president in 2020 she would almost certainly win the Democratic nomination easily, and that is a chilling thing to admit.

But she almost certainly will not run, and instead it looks like Hillary Clinton is gearing up for one last run for the presidency.

Many conservatives assume that since Trump beat Clinton last time that he will beat her again.

And that might be true.

However, we should remember that Hillary did receive 3 million more votes than Trump did last time.

And we should also not forget that older voters are slowly but surely dropping off the voting rolls, and they are being replaced by an entirely new generation of young people that is extremely liberal.

That doesn’t mean that all hope is gone. We are at a crossroads, and at this moment we are in a battle for the soul of our nation.

If we want to win, then conservatives better wake up, because right now the left has far more passion and energy than we do.

Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

Bill Clinton laments that the standards for “what you can do to someone against their will” have changed

Bill Clinton sure seems to be sticking his foot in his mouth a lot lately.

Just check out what he said in a recent PBS interview

President Bill Clinton’s new interview with PBS NewsHour, which aired last week, featured some shocking, and strikingly tone-deaf, comments from the former president about sexual harassment and assault, including his opinion that “what you can do to someone against their will” has changed.

The New York Times‘ Alex Burns tweeted an excerpt from a RealClearPolitics article, which quoted Clinton’s PBS interview.

Bill Clinton Says That He Does Not Owe Monica Lewinsky An Apology…

After all this time, you would think that Bill Clinton would be willing to apologize to Monica Lewinsky for how he treated her.

But in classic Clinton style, Bill still insists that he does not owe her any apology

During an interview Monday, former president Bill Clinton said he does not owe an apology to Monica Lewinsky, the woman with whom he had an infamous affair when she was a 22-year-old White House intern.

Clinton made the remark on NBC’s Today in response to a question from host Craig Melvin about a recent op-ed from Lewinsky in which she reevaluates the question of consent in her relationship with the former president in light of the #MeToo movement.

He does, however, believe that the apology he made to the general public was sufficient

“Do you feel like you owe her an apology,” Melvin asked.

“No, I do — I do not,” Clinton responded. “I’ve never talked to her. But I did say, publicly, on more than one occasion, that I was sorry. That’s very different. The apology was public.”

So what do think?

Should Bill Clinton apologize?

Tell us what you believe by posting a comment below…

Faces Of Evil: Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush All Face New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Have we entered a time when justice will begin to prevail in America? For decades, celebrities, politicians and those in other positions of power have been engaging in very serious sexual misconduct, and victims have felt powerless to do anything about it. But now thanks to Harvey Weinstein, the dam appears to be breaking and all of a sudden a flood of allegations is coming out. On Monday, we learned of brand new accusations against Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Charlie Rose and New York Times journalist Glenn Thrush.

Let’s start with Thrush, because many find his case to be the most ironic. The New York Times is supposed to be a paragon of political correctness, and yet it is being alleged that one of their most highly decorated reporters has been sexually harassing women for a very long time

Vox interviewed multiple women who alleged sexual misconduct against Thrush, including unwanted groping and kissing.

Laura McGann, the editorial director at Vox and the author of the story, described an incident at a bar five years ago, when she and Thrush were colleagues at Politico.

“He slid into my side of the booth, blocking me in,” she wrote. “I was wearing a skirt, and he put his hand on my thigh. He started kissing me. I pulled myself together and got out of there, shoving him on my way out.”

She wrote that she found a “pattern” in Thrush’s behavior through interviews with other women.

Thrush has already been suspended by the New York Times, and this is likely the end of his journalistic career.

Meanwhile, eight different women have come forward to accuse Charlie Rose of making “unwanted sexual advances”

And just minutes ago, the Washington Post reported that eight women have come forward to accuse legendary Emmy-winning broadcast journalist Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, and groping their breasts, butts or generals.

The women were either employees or aspired to work for Rose at “the Charlie Rose Show”. The alleged harassment spans from the late 1990s to as recently as 2011. The women ranged in age between 21 to 37 at the time the harassment took place. Rose, 75, has a show that airs on PBS. He also co-hosts “CBS This Morning” and is a contributing correspondent at “60 Minutes”.

Like Thrush, Rose has been suspended by both CBS and PBS, and his journalistic career is probably over too.

Moving over to the world of politics, a second woman has come forward to accuse Senator Al Franken of sexual misconduct. According to Lindsay Menz, Al Franken put his full hand on her bottom as they were taking a photo together at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010

As her husband was getting ready to take their picture, Menz says that Franken ‘pulled me in really close, like awkward close’ and then ‘put his hand full-fledged on my rear’.

‘It was wrapped tightly around my butt cheek. It wasn’t around my waist. It wasn’t around my hip or side. It was definitely on my butt. I was like, ** ** ***, what’s happening,’ she said.

She said the moment last four seconds, and that immediately after the photo was taken, she left Franken’s side without saying a word.

This took place a full two years after Franken had already been in office, and it may be the final nail in the coffin that finally forces him to resign.

Meanwhile, four new women have come foward to accuse former president Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. The following comes from the Daily Mail

The new allegations refer to incidents that took place more than 10 years ago, in the early 2000s, when Clinton was hired by Ron Burkle, the playboy billionaire investor, to work at his Yucaipa companies.

Clinton helped Burkle generate business and flew around the world with a flock of beautiful young women on Burkle’s private jet, which was nicknamed ‘Air **** One.’

The four women, who have not yet revealed their identities, were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization when they were in their late teens and claim they were sexually assaulted by the former president.

After all these years, is the truth finally starting to catch up with Bill Clinton?

Of course Clinton and Franken are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual misconduct in Washington. As I wrote about yesterday, 264 cases of sexual harassment in Congress have been settled since the beginning of 1997, and the total amount of money paid out in those settlements has been $17,250,854. The American people deserve to know who was accused of sexual harassment in all of those cases, because it was taxpayer money that was used to pay all of those settlements.

In my new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters”, I talk about the consequences of turning our back on God as a society. Just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is multiplying all around us, and we definitely need to turn back to God.

But the fact that light is being shined in some very dark places gives me hope. I truly do believe that we can change this nation, and that includes taking back our very corrupt government.

It is when things are the darkest that light is needed the most, and let all of us rise up and be lights at this very dark time.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

Trump and the Clintons are still sparring more than a month after the election


Donald Trump and the Clinton family are still throwing jabs more than a month after Trump’s surprise presidential win over Hillary Clinton.

Trump on Tuesday took to Twitter to swipe at former President Bill Clinton for recently telling a small New York newspaper that Trump “doesn’t really know much.” Clinton also said Trump called him after the election, but the president-elect asserted that it happened the other way around.

(Read the rest of the story here…)

Will The FBI Email Investigation Shed New Light On The Lolita Express And Other Clinton Sex Scandals?


Could it be possible that the newly discovered Clinton emails that the FBI is currently examining contain evidence of crimes other than just the mishandling of classified documents?  For years, there have been shocking allegations about the sexual behavior of both Bill and Hillary Clinton in the conservative media, but neither Bill nor Hillary has ever been convicted of a sexual crime.  However, that may be about to change.  There is nobody on the planet that has been closer to Hillary Clinton over the past decade than Huma Abedin, and now the FBI has their hands on approximately 650,000 emails that were stored on electronic devices owned by her and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner.  Without a doubt, many of those emails will relate to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents, but many of those emails will also be personal in nature.  So what will the FBI learn about the Clinton sex scandals from those emails, and will that information be shared with the American public?

In particular, any information regarding Clinton ties to Jeffrey Epstein and “the Lolita Express” could be extremely explosive.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were both very good friends of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein before he was convicted of soliciting sex from a young girl in 2008.  In fact, flight records show that Bill Clinton was a frequent passenger on Epstein’s plane that eventually came to be known as “the Lolita Express”…

Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the “Lolita Express“—the private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—with an actress in softcore porn movies whose name appears in Epstein’s address book under an entry for “massages,” according to flight logbooks obtained by Gawker and published today for the first time. The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a “potential co-conspirator” in his crimes.

Overall, Bill took at least 26 trips on board “the Lolita Express”.  Fox News says that the plane “earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.”

But sex with underage girls didn’t just happen on the plane.  One of the favorite destinations for “the Lolita Express” was Epstein’s 72-acre “Orgy Island”.  Here is more from Fox News

“Bill Clinton … associated with a man like Jeffrey Epstein, who everyone in New York, certainly within his inner circles, knew was a pedophile,” said Conchita Sarnoff, of the Washington, D.C. based non-profit Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, and author of a book on the Epstein case called “TrafficKing.” “Why would a former president associate with a man like that?”

Epstein, who counts among his pals royal figures, heads of state, celebrities and fellow billionaires, spent 13 months in prison and home detention for solicitation and procurement of minors for prostitution. He allegedly had a team of traffickers who procured girls as young as 12 to service his friends on “Orgy Island,” an estate on Epstein’s 72-acre island, called Little St. James, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Are you starting to understand how serious this could be?

If Bill Clinton had sex with an underage girl just one time, that would be enough to potentially send him to prison for the rest of his life.

Court records show that Jeffrey Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton.  To say that they were close would be a massive understatement.

And what was the nature of Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein?

There are so many unanswered questions, and I don’t know what these 650,000 emails are going to show.  But there are persistent whispers that law enforcement officials that were looking through them for the Anthony Weiner case found something big.

And the truth is that the FBI would have never renewed this investigation so close to the election unless a gamechanger had been discovered.  FBI Director James Comey had to know that he was going to take a tremendous amount of heat for this decision, and to move forward on something like this without good reason would be career suicide.

For the moment, Hillary Clinton is putting on a brave face.  On Monday, she challenged the FBI to hurry up and read her emails so that they could see that she had nothing to hide…

With eight days remaining until Election Day, Hillary Clinton told a crowd of supporters here Monday that the FBI should hurry up and check out the additional emails that agents said they found while investigating the estranged husband of one of her aides.

“Go ahead. Look at them,” the Democratic nominee said about the emails that may have been originally housed on a private server she used as secretary of state — a revelation that has thrown the presidential election into turmoil.

Maybe Clinton is telling the truth, but with her you just never know.  As I recently explained to a live studio audience down at Morningside, Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar and it is hard to trust her about anything at this point.

If she is lying about these emails, hopefully we will find out very quickly.

Her opponent, Donald Trump, seems energized by this new scandal, and he is warning that America may be facing a “constitutional crisis” if Clinton wins the election…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, buoyed by tightening polls and a renewed controversy over Democrat Hillary Clinton, told an enthusiastic crowd in suburban Grand Rapids Monday that the U.S. could face a “constitutional crisis” if Clinton is elected president on Nov. 8.

Trump predicted a “protracted criminal investigation and probably a criminal trial,” and said “nothing will get done.”

FBI Director James Comey has “brought back his reputation” by reactivating an investigation into the handling of her State Department e-mails, Trump said to loud cheers.

But the cold, hard reality of the matter is that we could potentially be facing something much more serious than just a “constitutional crisis”.

If the FBI finds evidence of very serious crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, she could actually be forced to withdraw from the race on the eve of the election, and that would throw the entire process into a state of chaos.

Even so, it is exceedingly important that the American people get the truth about what is in these emails, and hopefully that will happen as rapidly as possible.

About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

Is It Just A Coincidence That Vicious Lightning Storms Hit Philly On The Day Of Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech?

Hillary Clinton at Planned Parenthood - Photo by Lorie Shaull

To quote Hillary Clinton, what a remarkable week it has been at the Democratic National Convention. Supporters of Bernie Sanders almost rioted several times, most protesters were kept in a “free speech cage” well away from the convention, a handful of delegates decided that it would be a good idea to hoist a Palestinian flag on the floor of the convention on Monday, and there were rumors that there was so little enthusiasm that seat fillers were being hired for Hillary Clinton’s big speech on Thursday night. But there was some extra excitement on Thursday afternoon when vicious lightning storms forced those working in media tents just outside the Wells Fargo Center to evacuate. The following comes from CBS News

Wind gusts, heavy rain and lightning have forced people to evacuate the media tents outside of the Wells Fargo Center and take shelter less than an hour before the opening gavel on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

Officials say that the media tents in the vicinity of the Wells Fargo Center are not designed to fully protect people in the event of a direct lightning strike.

Was it just a coincidence that a line of severe lightning storms roared through the Philadelphia region just before Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech?

Perhaps so, but even if it was, it seems oddly appropriate.

As I write this article, excerpts of her speech have already been released to the press. According to media reports, she plans to tell America that Donald Trump wants to pull America apart but that we are stronger if we work together…

“Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart,” Clinton plans to say in her acceptance speech, according to excerpts released by her campaign.

“Bonds of trust and respect are fraying,” Clinton will add, and the American people “have to decide whether we’re going to work together so we can all rise together,” according to the excerpts.

Doesn’t that sound good?

But of course this is coming from a woman that would literally say or do just about anything to get elected.

It is well known that the characters of Frank and Claire Underwood from the Netflix series “House of Cards” are largely based on the Clintons. For decades, virtually every move that they have made has been with the goal of advancing their political careers.

And if tugging on the heartstrings is what is needed to secure more votes, then that is exactly what they will do. Just consider Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic convention. Bill Clinton has been cheating on his wife for decades. He cheated on her before he was president, while he was president, and he has continued to cheat on her even though he knew that she was going to run for president in 2016.

But during his speech, he made it sound like they have had an uninterrupted 45 year love story that is the stuff that legends are made of. Millions of naive Americans were deeply touched, but those that actually know the Clintons well knew exactly what was going on. Dolly Kyle had an ongoing affair with Bill Clinton that lasted from the mid-1970s all the way to the early 1990s, and she says that the entire speech was just a charade

“In the spring of 1971, I met a girl,” said Clinton, noting that they were both taking a political and civil rights class together.

“After the class, I followed her out, intending to introduce myself. I got close enough to touch her back, but I couldn’t do it. Somehow I knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder, and I might be starting something I couldn’t stop,” added Clinton.

Kyle could not believe Clinton used that terminology.

“The first thing I thought when he thought about touching a female in front of him was the number of women he’s raped and sexually assaulted,” Kyle told WND and Radio America.

Hillary Clinton has emphasized the need for “unity” throughout her campaign, but the Democrats definitely are not opening up their arms to everyone in America.

There are certain types of people that are not welcome in Democratic circles, and during an interview with PBS on Wednesday, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made it abundantly clear who the Democrats consider the enemy to be

“I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose,” Pelosi said in an interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff on Wednesday. Pelosi did not elaborate on that comment, but Trump and Clinton stand on opposing sides on a number of the above-mentioned issues. Trump has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association for his support for law-abiding citizens owning guns, while Clinton has promised to “take on the gun lobby” in America and fight for “commonsense reforms,” that would include background checks and stricter gun regulations.

If you believe in the Second Amendment, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are not with you.

If you believe that sexual immorality is out of control in America, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are not with you.

And if you believe that killing babies is wrong, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are definitely not with you.

As I have said before, Hillary Clinton is one of the most evil, wicked and corrupt politicians that America has ever seen. If the American people willingly choose her to be our next president, it is going to be very hard to have any hope for the future of this nation.

The people that we send to Washington D.C. to represent us are a reflection of who we are as a nation.

So if this November we send a monster like Hillary Clinton to the White House, what will that say about who we have become as a people?

Unfortunately, right now it seems quite likely that Hillary is going to be our next president, and that should truly frighten us all.

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

Is Bill Clinton A Sexual Predator Or Just A Sex Addict?

Bill Clinton - Public Domain

When dozens of women came forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape, most Americans believed them, so why is Bill Clinton getting a free pass when a similar number of women are accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct? As you will see below, new allegations continue to come out, and it has become exceedingly clear that Clinton is still chasing women that he is not married to even though his wife is in the middle of a presidential campaign. Of course Hillary Clinton knows exactly what is going on, and she has been serving as his enabler by doing all that she can to cover up Bill’s escapades whenever one of these “bimbo eruptions” happens. Ultimately, Bill and Hillary Clinton have together victimized countless numbers of women, and yet public opinion polls continue to show that most women voters plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in November. It is hard even for me to believe that our country has sunk so low at this point.

This list of Bill Clinton’s accusers is seemingly endless: Kathleen Willey, Connie Hamzy, Juanita Broaddrick, Eileen Wellstone, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Sally Perdue, Lencola Sullivan, Susie Whitacre, Bobbie Ann William, etc.

But now new information is coming to the surface. Just recently, one of Bill Clinton’s former lovers named Dolly Kyle has made global headlines by claiming that Bill Clinton is a “sex addict” that has had sex with approximately 2,000 women…

Hillary Clinton is not only an “enabler,” she is a “terrorist” who “terrorizes” her husband’s alleged lovers and women who accuse him of sexual assault, says Dallas lawyer Dolly Kyle, who says she had a long-running affair with Bill Clinton.

In an interview, Kyle claimed that “Billy” Clinton, as she called him, once boasted to her that he had had sex with about 2,000 women. She described Clinton as a “sex addict” who has some “sick, sick need” to “control women.”

And Kyle is quite credible. She is an attorney, her family has ties to the Clinton family that go back to the 1970s, and she reportedly had an extramarital sexual affair with Bill that lasted for more than a decade

ABC News previously summarized Kyle’s affair allegations (at the time she went by the name Dolly Kyle Browning):

Browning says she went to high school with Bill Clinton… in Hot Springs, Ark. in the 1960s. She alleged she became friends with the future president and carried on an extramarital sexual affair with him from the mid-1970s until roughly 1991.

Kyle’s family has long been intertwined with the Clinton’s, she says. Her brother was a Clinton associate who helped campaign for Bill Clinton from the 1970’s through his presidential run and even flew him to multiple events in the 1970’s, Kyle stated.

Kyle is the author of the forthcoming book, “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir.” The book’s forward is written by David P. Schippers, an attorney who served as chief investigative counsel for the U.S. House Judicial Committee for the Clinton Impeachment.

To me, it is amazing that what we already know about the Clintons has not completely ended both of their political careers. What they have been able to collectively get away with is absolutely incredible.

And because nobody ever holds them accountable, they just continue to engage in the exact same behaviors.

For instance, even though Bill knew that Hillary would be running for president, he has continued to engage in very high risk behavior. The following comes from the New York Post, and it is about one of Bill’s new “friends” known as “the Energizer”…

Secret Service agents were even given special instructions to abandon usual protocol when the woman came by, according to journalist Ronald Kessler’s tell-all book, “The First Family Detail.”

“You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in,” says the book, based on agents’ accounts.

And it turns out that Bill Clinton’s foundation committed a major boo-boo by funneling two million dollars to a company that is partially owned by “the Energizer”…

Bill Clinton’s foundation arranged a $2 million pledge to a power company partly owned by a wealthy blond divorcée — who some say is the frequent visitor to his home nicknamed “Energizer.”

The “commitment” to Julie Tauber McMahon’s firm from the Clinton Global Initiative was placed on its 2010 conference agenda at Clinton’s urging, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Meanwhile, it is being reported by Fox News that Bill Clinton took “at least 26 trips” aboard a private jet that was owned by a registered sex offender named Jeffrey Epstein that was widely known to be a pedophile…

Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by

Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

In addition, other evidence shows that Clinton and Epstein were extremely close. Court records show that Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Clinton, and if Clinton ever engaged in sexual activity with any of Epstein’s underage girls, that would make him a sexual predator that should be in prison right now.

I don’t know how anyone can look at this growing body of evidence and not conclude that Bill Clinton is a monster.

And since Hillary Clinton has known exactly what has been going on this entire time and has done her best to cover up his crimes, that makes her a monster too.

But in the end, tens of millions of Americans will line up to vote for her in November.

We have become a nation that no longer has any moral foundation, and we will vote for just about anyone as long as they will give us what we want. As one anonymous member of Congress recently wrote, it is “far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification.”

*About the author: Michael Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on*

Former Miss Arkansas says she had a three month affair with Bill Clinton and that Hillary was into sex with women

Bill Clinton - Photo by Roger H. Goun

Sally Miller looked on in amusement as the man who would become the 42nd President of the United States slipped into her own frilly black nightgown.

The former Miss Arkansas has never forgotten how her younger lover proceeded to dance around the bedroom, serenading her with his saxophone and reducing her to a fit of giggles.

This playful scene was typical of the laughter-filled nights that ex-beauty queen Miller enjoyed with Bill Clinton during their 1983 affair, she tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview.

The married Governor of Arkansas would frequently adopt the role of entertainer-in-chief to impress his glamorous older woman, a one-time Miss America finalist.

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DEAD BROKE?: The Clintons Made Over 140 Million Dollars During The Last 7 Years

Bill And Hillary Clinton

Remember when progressives insisted Mitt Romney’s wealth made him too out of touch with ordinary Americans to be president? Apparently, that standard doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton.

In the last seven years, the Clintons have amassed a fortune worth over $140 million.

From CNN:

Clintons earned nearly $141M from 2007 to 2014, tax returns show

Hillary and Bill Clinton earned nearly $141 million over the course of eight years and paid $43 million in federal taxes, according to tax returns her campaign released Friday.

In a lengthy statement and on her campaign website, Clinton detailed that she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, paid more than $43 million in federal taxes from 2007 to 2014, over $13 million in state taxes and donated nearly $15 million to charity over the same period.

The couple earned a total of $140.9 million, with an adjusted gross income of $139.1 million, the returns show.

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Hillary Clinton’s camp fears a new ‘bimbo eruption’ will put the kibosh on candidacy – especially from Gennifer Flowers who claimed Bill liked to be blindfolded and tied up with silk scarves and called his wife ‘Hilla the Hun’

Bill Clinton - Public Domain

Fears are growing among Hillary Clinton’s advisors that Bill’s sordid past is returning to thwart his wife’s presidential campaign.

With her presidential bid the couple’s relationship is the subject of renewed scrutiny bringing with it the threat of a second ‘eruption of bimbos’ akin to the one that almost derailed Bill’s own presidential bid first time round.

In recent weeks Hillary’s campaign has found itself increasingly mired in the scandals of the past.

Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment case almost cost Bill the presidency 21 years ago, has already come forward to deliver her verdict on Hillary’s bid for the highest office.

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‘Hillary must NEVER become President’, says the woman who exposed Bill’s affair with Monica. Former Clinton West Wing assistant Linda Tripp says Democratic contender is a liar who treats the public with contempt

Bill And Hillary Clinton

It was the scandal that saw Bill Clinton impeached and which threatened to bring down his presidency. For many, it continues to define it to this day.

But according to the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky as the president’s mistress, the real story was never about Monica. It was about ‘subornation of perjury, obstruction of justice… a true abuse of power.’ And it was about Hillary.

Because, according to Linda Tripp, it was Hillary who manipulated and stage managed the story, converting herself from a lackluster First Lady with unimpressive approval ratings to admirable First Victim – the blindsided wife standing by her man.

She made him forgivable. She ‘orchestrated the cover up’ and she made damn sure that she moved on. Nothing, and no-one, was going to stand in her way.

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Inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan

Hillary Clinton 2016

Bill Clinton is already deeply engaged in the campaign, warning that Jeb Bush is a real threat, while New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is probably just a sideshow.

The former president got a heads-up from the camp of President George H.W. Bush a few days before former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made his surprise Facebook announcement in December that he would “actively explore” a campaign. The two former presidents have developed a friendly bond, partly because of their work together on relief for the 2004 Asian tsunami.

The exact timing of Hillary Clinton’s launch is unknown, but close allies expect her to officially enter the 2016 race shortly after the end of this quarter, so that her first fundraising report will be a blockbuster. On March 4, the Clinton Foundation holds its annual gala in New York, with entertainment by Carole King, and it’s expected to be one of the Clintons’ final major events before the campaign.

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Bill Clinton And The Pedophile: The Sex Scandal That Could Destroy Hillary’s Presidential Ambitions

Bill Clinton - Public Domain

Why did a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein that pimped out underage girls to powerful men have 21 contact phone numbers for Bill Clinton? And why did Clinton fly on “multiple occasions” to the private Caribbean island where Epstein regularly held wild sexual orgies? Let me give you a hint: it was not to discuss politics over milk and cookies. Every once in a while, we get a small peek into the twisted sexual world of the global elite. In this case, a Florida lawsuit that alleges that Britain’s Prince Andrew had sex with a 17-year-old “sex slave” provided by Epstein is making headlines all over the planet. But of potentially even greater importance is what this lawsuit is revealing about Bill Clinton. If it can be proven that Bill Clinton had sex with underage girls provided by Jeffrey Epstein, that could potentially destroy any chance that Hillary Clinton has of winning the presidency in 2016.

The 17-year-old girl that Prince Andrew is alleged to have had sex with is named Virginia Roberts. She is claiming that she once received $15,000 for having sex with him…

A teenage “sex slave” says she was paid $15,000 for bedding Britain’s Prince Andrew by the American billionaire who served as the royal’s procurer.

Virginia Roberts was 17 when Wall Street honcho and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly pimped her out to the prince.

“A lot of powerful men were part of Jeffrey’s scene, but I specifically remember Andrew,” Roberts told Britain’s Daily Mail.

And it is a fact that Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender. He was convicted by a court of law for paying a 14-year-old girl 300 dollars to massage him and have sex with him…

Epstein’s sexual exploits have been documented since 2005, when a woman in Palm Beach contacted police saying that her 14-year-old daughter had been paid $300 to massage him and then have sex.

The claim prompted a nearly year-long investigation that led to the eventual charge of soliciting prostitution which came as part of a plea deal. He spent 13 months of a 18-month sentence in jail and remains a registered sex offender.

Since that time, approximately 40 other women have accused Epstein of sexual misconduct.

So needless to say, this is one very sick individual.

And right now the mainstream media in the U.S. is largely ignoring the fact that Bill Clinton flew down to Epstein’s private Caribbean island on “multiple occasions” between 2002 and 2005. The following is from a British news source

Over the years, the casually-dressed, globe-trotting financier, who was said to log more than 600 flying hours a year, has been linked with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Manhattan-London society figure Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late media titan Robert Maxwell.

Epstein reportedly flew Tucker and Spacey to Africa on his private jet as part of a charitable endeavour. Clinton, meanwhile, flew on multiple occasions in the same plane to Epstein’s private Caribbean island, Little St James, between 2002 and 2005 as he developed his philanthropic post-presidential career. It would later be alleged in court that Epstein organised orgies on that same private island in the US Virgin Islands.

A lot of Democrats are going to end up reading this article, and a lot of them are going to start making apologies for Clinton at this point.

So let’s get one thing straight. It is not okay for anyone to have sex with underage girls. Whoever breaks the law by doing so deserves to go to prison. That includes Bill Clinton if it can be proven that he did this.

And without a doubt, Clinton and Epstein were very close. In fact, court records show that Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Clinton…

While Clinton was never deposed, lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory, which included “e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band),” according to a court filing.

In addition, Epstein had contact information for a whole host of other powerful politicians and celebrities

From his 97-page ‘black book’ of phone numbers and email addresses, it is clear Epstein had an impressive array of contacts.

When its contents were disclosed three years ago, the book was shown to include contact details for former US President Bill Clinton, ex-secretary of state Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters, then one of America’s most influential broadcasters.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s details are there, along with entrepreneur Donald Trump, members of the Kennedy family and former prime minister Tony Blair.

If this scandal is not covered up, it could eventually bring down a lot of people.

What makes things even worse for Bill Clinton (and others) is that Epstein apparently used hidden cameras to record the sexual trysts that were going on in his guest bedrooms. The following is from an article that appeared in the Mirror

Prince Andrew’s tycoon pal may have taken compromising photos of him with the underage girl he is alleged to have abused.

Details buried in original court papers filed against pervert Jeffrey Epstein, 61, reveal that he recorded the sordid orgies he threw for VIPs at his luxury homes using cameras hidden in the walls of guest bedrooms.

So if Bill Clinton did commit a crime, somewhere there may actually be video of it.

But wait, there’s even more to this story. The following comes from the Daily Mail

The lawsuit claims that Clinton was friends with an unnamed woman who ‘kept images of naked underage children on her computer, helped to recruit underage children for Epstein… and photographed underage females in sexually explicit poses‘.

While he cut off ties with Epstein, this woman’s abuses apparently did not end their relationship as she was reportedly one of the 400 guests at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding.

Though the lawsuit may be bringing up sexual skeleton’s from Clinton’s past, he has added to the drama of late by posing for a photo with two known prostitutes at a fundraiser in Los Angeles last month.

Obviously Bill Clinton has a lot of hard questions that he needs to answer.

But if Bill Clinton cannot be charged with a crime, will the American people even care what else he did?

After all, there is a long history of the American people being willing to overlook his sexual promiscuity.

For example, in a book published last year entitled “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents“, it was documented that one of Clinton’s latest girlfriends known as “the Energizer” sometimes brought cookies to the Secret Service agents that guard Bill…

Energizer, who is described as charming and friendly, sometimes brought cookies to the agents, according to the book excerpts.

One told Kessler: “It was a warm day, and she was wearing a low-cut tank top, and as she leaned over, her breasts were very exposed. They appeared to be very perky and very new and full … There was no doubt in my mind they were enhanced.”

Kessler also reports that Hillary’s Secret Service detail informs Bill’s Secret Service detail when the former first lady is coming home, so Bill has time to get Energizer off the property and clean up any evidence.

That revelation certainly did very little to upset the Hillary for president bandwagon.

So will these new revelations about Bill’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein have an impact?

We shall see…

(Originally published on End of the American Dream)

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

Bill Clinton - Photo by Roger H. Goun

A new lawsuit has revealed the extent of former President Clinton’s friendship with a fundraiser who was later jailed for having sex with an underage prostitute.

Bill Clinton’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, who served time in 2008 for his illegal sexual partners, included multiple trips to the onetime billionaire’s private island in the Caribbean where underage girls were allegedly kept as sex slaves.

The National Enquirer has released new details about the two men’s friendship, which seems to have ended abruptly around the time of Epstein’s arrest.

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Why Hillary Is Not Inevitable: Bill’s Sordid Past

Bill Clinton - Photo by Roger H. Goun

The new public scrutiny of Bill Cosby is also problematic for Bill Clinton. I am not talking about consensual sex but, in some cases accusations of sexual assault, torn clothing, and at least three victims who say he bit their lips as a disarming move and to get them to remain silent. In short, Bill Clinton has a Bill Cosby problem.

Eileen Wellstone, 19-year-old English woman said Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near the Oxford where Clinton was a student in 1969. In fact Clinton was expelled from Oxford and earned no degree there.

Juanita Broaddrick, a volunteer in Clinton’s gubernatorial campaign, said he raped her in 1978. Mrs. Broaddrick suffered a bruised and torn lip, which she said she suffered when Clinton bit her during the rape. Broaddrick gave a stunning interview to NBC’s Lisa Myers about the assault.

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Bill Clinton’s Secret Mistress: ‘The Energizer’

Bill Clinton - Photo by Roger H. Goun

Bill Clinton reportedly has a buxom blond mistress who visits so often when Hillary Clinton isn’t home in Chappaqua that the former president’s Secret Service detail have given her an unofficial code name: Energizer.

This is according to Ronald Kessler in “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,” due Aug. 5 from Crown Forum.

Kessler is no stranger to the controversies surrounding the Secret Service.

He broke the story that Secret Service agents protecting President Obama in Cartagena, Colombia, hired prostitutes, and put the president in jeopardy.

The book, portions of which I’ve obtained, says none of the normal protocols is followed when Energizer arrives in her SUV, sometimes just minutes after Hillary has left the Westchester house.

Kessler quotes a supervisor informing a new agent: “You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in.”

(Read the rest of the story here…)

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